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The Story of Malpara

A Family Owned Boutique Florist

Malpara Florist is a Townsville based boutique florist with two studios throughout the city, which was first established in 1962. The business is family owned and operated by George and Anna Gianoulis who have successfully run the studios since 1995.

Anna and George made the big decision to buy Malpara Florist in 1995, one week before Mother’s day. At the time, Malpara consisted of four studios around Townsville! The two of them both had no prior knowledge of floristry other than the love for gardening. George was originally a real estate auctioneer/agent and Anna was a book keeper. Needless to say, the first few months of owning the business was a huge learning curve.  They have since become Townsville's leading florist.

In 2017, the Gianoulis family celebrated Malpara’s 55 years of local floristry in Townsville!

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